Bering Clothing

Bering is a French manufacturer of motorcycle clothing that was created in 1951, they have stuck to their roots of creating the very best protective motorcycle clothing for riders. At the time of creation they also owned a subsidiary company which specialised in creating clothes for sailors who regularly experienced adverse weather conditions.

Creating clothing for sailors who live in rigorous conditions requires efficient, manoeuvrable and comfortable clothing, all of these qualities can be found in their products. Bering clothing has evolved over the years and now provides you with the ultimate solution in motorcycle clothing whilst meeting expectations of style and creativity.

Years of experience have allowed Bering to stay on top of the competition and are now one of the market leaders in efficient motorcycle clothing.

You?ll want to get the most out of your new Bering clothing so here are a few tips to help keep it in good condition when machine washing it:

  • When machine washing make sure to keep the water on a low temperature and do not use fabric softener
  • Remove all armour, close up all zippers and pockets
  • Always put in some basic liquid detergent in with the wash
  • In some cases you will need to rinse the Bering clothing twice in order to get rid of all the detergent off it
  • Only use hang dry